Lip Naturals Lip Balm with SPF

Lip Naturals Lip Balm with SPF

Lip care is very important since we are always fighting the elements in every season.  Wind, hot weather, cold weather, and we must always protect our lips.  The skin on the lips is very sensitive and its very important to use products with SPF to protect our skin.  The sun is very strong and lip balm is a great way to protect your lips.  I use lip balm everyday so it is important for me to have a great tasting lip balm that at the same time can protect my lips from the dangers of the sun.

Lip Naturals Lip Balm is a great product because it is nice and silky while providing excellent protection for my lips.  My go to lip balm in every brand is vanilla and the lip naturals brand met my standards.  The taste was sweet and good while the actual lip balm was smooth and painted my lips with a nice coat of balm.  My lips felt protected for hours and I only re-applied a few times throughout the day.  The lip balm comes with SPF 15 and I like how the products are all natural.  I use lip balm regularly and I would rather protect my lips now then deal with dry chapped lips and have to moisturize them afterwards.  I hate flaky skin and in order to avoid that I use lip balm every day.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Petroleum Free w/Aloe, Vitamin E, Chamomile, Jojoba, and Sunscreen. Works great for chapped lips and dry lips by moisturizing them back to normal. Also protects against harmful UV rays by have SPF 15 in the lip balm.

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